Our Value Adds

Bringing control and strategy to your ICT services

Our Value Adds

You will value our services if the following symptoms exist in your business. You may be asking yourself the following questions….


  1. I am not sure how our IT service compares to contemporary ICT best practices
  2. I doubt we could recover our business systems if we had a business disaster….our important IT services have not had a recovery test.
  3. IT costs are poorly controlled. I get purchasing surprises that are essentially unplanned.
  4. Our IT service is unable to keep up with the demands of our business growth (scale and diversity)
  5. Our IT people cannot produce an accurate operation and capital budget, therefore our IT expenditure is unpredictable.
  6. We lack IT management. We have plenty of technical capacity, but management is lacking.
  7. Our IT services are unreliable and the associated recovery costs are costly (and invariably do not resolve the underlying issue)
  8. Our systems are disjointed and unconnected. We load/capture primary data in multiple systems and need to pull reports together from disparate systems into Excel.
  9. Our IT service seems incapable of contributing to the development of our business plans.
  10. We seem unable to get support from our third party ICT service providers
  11. Our third party vendors do not appear to be meeting contracted Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  12. I am unable to get a consistent monthly report from the IT service


These are the types of problems we deal with in collaboration with our clients.

We deliver….

  1. Build ICT strategies
  2. Annual IT plans (roadmaps, blueprints, budgets)
  3. IT service reporting (that looks back and forward)
  4. Implementable IT maintenance and support processes (based on best practices)
  5. Business wide benefits emanating from the IT function