Our Services

Bringing control and strategy to your ICT services

What Do We Do?

We help our clients improve their businesses. In collaboration with key client people and other partners, we work together to improve supply chain logistics, introduce quality management planning, value-adding management and business systemisation.

We help our clients to bring control and strategy to their (ICT) services. We solve ICT problems and create opportunities for business to leverage their ICT assets and resources for better business productivity, efficiency, quality and growth. We help our clients understand the ICT landscape, making you an informed buyer of ICT services. This helps make your ICT strategy future-proof.

Typical Services

  1. Systems requirements assessments (business requirements planning, vendor and system selection criteria)
  2. Development of business cases for ICT investments
  3. Systems and ICT service sourcing projects (upgrades, replacements, transitions to cloud services)
  4. Establish and maintain ICT Steering Committee structures and processes
  5. ICT policy and procedure design projects
  6. ICT application and service implementation projects
  7. ICT vendor management (contract reviews, service reporting)
  8. Development of ICT application and service maps
  9. Development of ICT budgets (capex and opex)
  10. Establish risk management and governance policies and procedures
  11. Mentoring of IT staff.
  12. Expanding businesses engage Mullins Advisory to assess acquisition targets and to oversee integration projects to on-board the purchased business
  13. Growing businesses engage Mullins Advisory to apply corporatisation services including.
    1. Development of corporate identity
    2. Implementing good management governance practices
    3. Building profitability by understanding product and service cost drivers
    4. Implementing structured agreements (commercial arrangements) with suppliers and clients
    5. Formalise record keeping to ensure compliance and ease of record reuse.
    6. Preparing the business for sale
    7. Preparing the business for the acquisition of competitors or businesses in related industries
  14. Help clients move from supplying their clients products and services into providing client solutions.